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Our Connected Home with Mario Armstrong

Mario Armstrong Connected Home

Our lives are becoming more connected than ever before with cool devices that are changing the way people experience information, safety, entertainment and more. We can now gain even more control of our home with new technology that will help simplify everyday tasks. Award-winning Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong partnered with brands to …

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What The Tech? Digital Dementia

New York, NY — It seems the father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, has a serious concern about our reliance on digitally documenting everything we do: will future historians be able to see anything we’re doing? You don’t have to think that far back to get an idea of what he’s worried about either… that CD collection you might have gathering dust, do you still have a CD player? In my house, I have two MacBook’s and a Mac Mini of which only two have CD/DVD drives. If I upgrade that Mac Mini to the current model, it lacks an optical drive. Sure my BluRay player will play the CD’s but if I want the data off them, my options are slowly becoming limited. Take a step back a few decades further to your cassette collection (if you remember or even had those). I had hundreds of cassette tapes containing everything from mixes carefully crafted for my long commute to me on the radio in the early days of my career. But you know what I didn’t have? A tape player. I got rid of that a long time ago because I had upgraded to CD’s and tapes were so cumbersome. And what of all those video games I have for my NES? Fortunately, I still have my NES and if I didn’t there are plenty of places I can go online to play the now-classic games for free. But the problem extends beyond our mix tapes and Mario Brothers

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TechBytes: Week In Review

New York, New York — This week was a good one for investors in a promising little computer company in Cupertino California. Not only did Apple hit an historic milestone in valuation, the new way to pay just took to the skies. And as much as you may love your Smart TV, it might not be the best at keeping secrets. Turns out if you can talk to your TV it isn’t just listening for you to change the channel. And a little story that nearly flew under the radar, a 100 year old company has a technology that will make those tiny screens on our Smart Watches and in our car dashboard look a lot nicer. iValue We found out this week that Apple is the most valuable company in history as the company stock hit $123/share [ 127.08 at market close Friday the 13th ]. That means Apple is worth north of $700B and “Activist Investor” Carl Icahn thinks they’ll hit the $1 Trillion mark soon enough. Apple stock did a 7 for 1 reverse split after it hit $700 a share, which had the stock tumble to near $90 as recently as November. Since then it has climbed slowly past the $100 mark and further. Many are speculating if it can go any higher and certainly the pending release of the Apple Watch may help push it higher or lower. And now rumors are surfacing of a Apple contemplating a self-driving car ? Siri may be doing more than telling you what song is playing or answering how much wood a wood chuck would chuck if it could chuck wood

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Buzz60: Apple Pay Takes Off

New York, NY  —  Apple Pay  is still in it’s infancy but has already been used at tens of thousands of retailers right here on the ground. But now, JetBlue will roll out the contact-less payment system on select flights starting next week. Since the service only works with  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  users they’ll be the ones to enjoy it when it launches– but consider the sales numbers of the newer iPhone’s were record breaking, I’m sure that includes a lot of people. This move makes JetBlue the first airline to offer the new form of payment but it certainly won’t be the last. I mean, come on, when was the last time an airline made it  harder  to take your money? To make it work, JetBlue will replace those traditional swipe terminals with iPads able to accept Apple Pay. They’ll accept traditional plastic cards too so you won’t starve if you haven’t upgraded. The new iPad’s will also give the cabin crew more information about you like your name, birthday and other information that will be useful in flight– think connecting flights. That idea sounds pretty cool but considering my luck when flying I just hope it doesn’t include any complaints I’ve made or a running tally on the number of drinks I’ve ordered. When the Apple Watch comes out in April (We hope) you’ll also be able to use that to pay. Although, given the rumored battery life of the Apple Watch, you may want to keep that credit card nearby. Apple Pay will be first added to JetBlue flights from JFK to San Francisco and LA– which also happen to be the flights that feature the airlines  first class Mint  service

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