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The Brooklyn neighborhood remade as a VR game

Go east in Brooklyn, New York, past the blockchain software startups, gentrified co-working spaces and Edison-bulbed cocktail bars, and you reach Brownsville. In a former elderly home near the Langston Hughes Houses public housing complex is the Brow...

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‘Starfield’ could be ‘Skyrim’ in space

So it's not all sequels and ports. Bethesda revealed its next big single player project, Starfield. It centers around, er, outer space, has an aesthetically pleasing logo and the company wants us to get really hyped about it. And so it should: This i...

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‘Doom Eternal’ is the sequel to ‘Doom’

Once you're done replaying Doom on Switch, what's next? How about a proper sequel? After relaunching the series to critical acclaim (and commercial success), Doom Eternal takes the series further. Imagine a stronger protagonist, twice as many demons...

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