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AT&T LG V30 Oreo Update Brings ThinQ Features – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo AT&T LG V30 Oreo Update Brings ThinQ Features Ubergizmo With Sprint and Verizon rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG V30, it was only a matter of time before AT&T joined the fray as well. The country's second largest mobile carrier is now rolling out Oreo for the LG V30. The update brings the ... and more »

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The nuanced challenges of antitrust and AT&T-Time Warner

It’s been almost eighteen months since the boards of AT&T and Time Warner unanimously voted to sign an agreement to merge their two companies together and create a content and distribution powerhouse. That deal, pegged at $108 billion including debt from Time Warner , would be among the largest corporate mergers in American history. The U.S. Department of Justice sued to block the deal this past November , and now after long last, the antitrust trial that will determine the deal’s fate is about to start tomorrow with opening statements, following a snow delay today in Washington DC . This case is sprawling — the Justice Department intends to present 519 exhibits already — and much of the case will hinge on technical legal minutia. However, at its heart is a critical question on whether a combination of AT&T and Time Warner would help or hurt competition and thus ultimately consumer welfare. This is a very important case to understand, because the court will have to reach a nuanced understanding of antitrust law in the complex and deeply interconnected world of video services. The decision rendered here could drastically affect consumer choice as well as the business practices of companies across the tech industry. A framework to understand antitrust Before getting into the specifics of AT&T-Time Warner though, we need to understand how antitrust works — which is quite a bit more nuanced than the media generally describes. The essential goal of antitrust regulations is to protect consumers from predatory business practices driven by companies who hold outsized market power. While companies can grow market power over time (think a fast-growing startup eating more and more marketshare), the reality is that the U.S.

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Uber debuts Uber Freight Plus to lower operating costs for carriers

Uber is sweetening the pot for its Uber Freight offering aimed at commercial trucking. The company is launching Uber Freight Plus today , a program designed to help alleviate costs around some of the more expensive aspects of owning and operating a transport vehicle, including fuel, tire and maintenance discounts, as well as new purchase bonuses for buying either brand new or used trucks. The Uber Freight Plus program will provide up to $0.20 per gallon discounts off of the retail price at big, name brand fuel chains across the U.S., and around $0.15 per gallon in rebates at some smaller independent stops in California, Texas and Illinois. Operators will save an average of $130 per tire on replacements, and they can save up to $16,000 (in ‘customer value’) on new trucks, or as much as $4,000 on used vehicles. For maintenance, Uber says members will see savings of between 20 and 50 percent on parts on average. There are monthly discounts available for mobile service, too, including from Sprint and AT&T. To reap these benefits, different eligibility rules apply. For the Fuel Card, mobile service and maintenance savings, carriers and their drives have to meet Uber’s eligibility requirements, which means having booked and completed just one job on the Uber Freight app. Then, to remain eligible to participate in the program, drivers have to book and complete a single load on the Uber Freight app at least every 30 days. For truck purchase discounts, carriers must have completed at least 10 loads using Uber Freight. Clearly, Uber’s hoping to spur adoption and incentivize use of its platform

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AT&T has good and bad news for users of its limit-ridden unlimited plans

Enlarge (credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr ) AT&T today raised the price of one unlimited smartphone data plan by $5 a month and lowered the price of another by $10, for single-line users. Instead of the entry-level unlimited plan costing $60 and the better plan costing $90, the single-line prices are now $65 and $80 a month (plus monthly taxes and fees and a one-time $30 activation fee for each line). AT&T raised the family plan prices by $5 a month for both of these unlimited plans . For example, four-line plans that used to cost $155 or $185 a month now cost $160 or $190. (These prices are after a discount that may not apply on your first bill.) Each of these postpaid plans is getting some enhancements, but they're not free of limitations. "Unlimited" means that you'll never get hit with an overage fee or have your data cut off entirely, but speeds can be throttled in some situations, and mobile hotspot usage isn't allowed on the cheaper tier. Read 12 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Court rules against AT&T, closing FTC regulation loophole

 A federal court has ruled against AT&T in a long-running case that found itself tied up in the net neutrality debate. AT&T had argued that the 2015 FCC order classifying it as a common carrier let it off the hook in a case brought against it by the FTC — which has no authority over common carriers. The case has been heard and reheard, but hopefully this judgment is the last. Read More

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Galaxy S9 US pre-orders focus on trade-in deals

Now that Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ are official, American carriers are tripping over themselves to offer launch details ahead of March 2nd pre-orders... and trade-in deals are a common theme this time around. T-Mobile, for instance, is promising $3...

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