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Huawei P20 Lite Video Leak Surfaces – Ubergizmo

Huawei P20 Lite Video Leak Surfaces Ubergizmo Subscribe to Ubergizmo on Youtube. The leaks concerning Huawei's upcoming handsets keep coming in even though we're a couple of weeks away from the official unveiling of the Huawei P20. A new video leak of the Huawei P20 Lite has surfaced online today ... and more »

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Cellebrite can unlock any iPhone (for some values of “any”)

Enlarge (credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images ) Cellebrite —the Israel-based forensics company that has been a key source for law enforcement in efforts to crack the security of mobile devices to recover evidence—has reportedly found a way to unlock Apple devices using all versions of the iOS operating system up to version 11.2.6, the most recent update pushed out to customers by Apple. The capability is part of Cellebrite's Advanced Unlocking and Extraction Services, a lab-based service the company provides to law enforcement agencies—not a software product. But security experts are dubious of any claim that Cellebrite can defeat the encryption used by iOS to protect the contents of Apple devices. Rather, they suggest Cellebrite's "Advanced Unlocking Services" may have found a way to bypass the limits on PIN or password entry enforced by interfering with the code that counts the number of failed attempts—allowing the company's lab to launch a brute-force attack to try to discover the passcode without fear of the device erasing its cryptographic key and rendering the phone unreadable. With a sufficiently secure password, it would be nearly impossible for the technique to recover the contents of the device. Forbes' Thomas Fox-Brewster reports that a Cellebrite spokesperson confirmed the claim, first found in leaked Cellebrite marketing material, stating that "Cellebrite can retrieve (without needing to root or jailbreak the device) the full file system to recover downloaded emails, third-party application data, geolocation data, and system logs. Agencies can either provide the device already unlocked, furnish the known passcode, or use Cellebrite's Advanced Unlocking Services to unlock the device." Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Amazon acquires Ring’s smart doorbell business

If it wasn't already evident that Amazon wants a stronger foothold in the smart home space, it is now. Amazon has acquired Ring, the device maker best known for its smart doorbells. The terms of the deal aren't clear, but it's expected that Amazon wi...

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Bitcoin miner in NYC home interfered with T-Mobile network, FCC says

Enlarge / An Antminer S5. (credit: Bitmain) A New York City resident was ordered to turn off his bitcoin miner after the Federal Communications Commission discovered that it was interfering with T-Mobile's wireless network. After receiving a complaint from T-Mobile about interference to its 700MHz LTE network in Brooklyn, New York, FCC agents in November 2017 determined that radio emissions in the 700MHz band were coming from the residence of a man named Victor Rosario. "When the interfering device was turned off the interference ceased," the FCC's enforcement bureau told Rosario in a " Notification of Harmful Interference " yesterday. "You identified the device as an Antminer S5 Bitcoin Miner. The device was generating spurious emissions on frequencies assigned to T-Mobile's broadband network and causing harmful interference." Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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