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Tesla’s electric big rig spotted in the wild

Who said you had to wait until October 26th to see Tesla's electric big rig? A succession of Reddit users have posted and reposted a photo that appears to show Tesla's semi truck sitting on a flatbed. And to no one's surprise, this isn't the Smokey...

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Dyson plans to release its own EV by 2020

An unlikely player has stepped onto the electric vehicle playing field. Vacuum cleaner and hairdryer producer Dyson announced today that it has already begun working on its own EV and that it should be ready for launch by 2020.

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Volkswagen wants 300 EV models by 2030

Volkswagen announced today that it will spend over $24 billion producing electric vehicles by 2030 and will have a zero emissions version of each of its models, just like Mercedes-Benz. While it's only the latest automaker to jump on the EV bandwagon...

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