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Why Fitbit could make a good Google acquisition

Fitbit has a solid transformation strategy and a good plan to be integrated into the healthcare system. What it lacks is time as it swaps a hardware model for one that revolves around software and services. Enter Google, a Fitbit partner, and a potential savior down the road.

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Fitbit is crashing after a pretty rough note from Wall Street

Fitbit shaved off another roughly 10% of its value in trading today after a downgrade from a Wall Street firm, which will once again throw on more skepticism as to whether or not Fitbit can be a viable business in the smartwatch market. The note came from Morgan Stanley this morning , which said it was “hard to see a floor” for the company. This comes amid an increased push from Apple to position its smartwatch as a health-oriented device through a myriad of updates for its health tools, as well as efforts to actually detach it from your smartphone with its own cellular chip. These kinds of notes often tend to send stocks soaring or tumbling depending on the direction they go in as investors look to better calibrate their positions in the market. Fitbit is working on its next generation of smartwatches that look to go up against the Apple Watch, including the new Fitbit Versa , which my colleague Brian Heater said was the watch “the smartwatch the Ionic should have been” (Fitbit’s first foray into the smartwatch ecosystem, which was a bust). The company is also working on a fitness tracker for kids , and appears to be still doubling down on that health aspect of its wearables that first made it a popular choice among consumers in the first place. Fitbit also bought Twine , a cloud-based health management platform, in February. Here’s another one of the rough excerpts from the note published by CNBC : “We think new smartwatches will be outweighed by declines in legacy products, while software opportunities in health coaching will take time to ramp.” Fitbit made its name as a fitness tracker, but Apple increasingly has come out pitching itself not only as a fitness tracker, but one with a robust toolkit for health in general. In addition to a heart monitor, Apple has the ability to create a whole health software ecosystem tied directly into the iPhone, which apps like MyFitnessPal and others can use for data. So Apple will clearly be the biggest hurdle for Fitbit as it looks to figure out what its next-generation fitness wearable looks like, especially as Apple if Apple looks to continue to drop the price of the Apple Watch.

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Fitbit CEO James Park on the struggles and future of the wearable maker

 The sentiment is punctuated by the fact that the product felt like a Hail Mary at the time. As Fitbit’s fortune was declining, the executive began talking up the product well in advance of its release, as the company acquired several offerings to bolster the device. Of course, that admission comes in the wake of this week’s product announcement. The Versa is the device the… Read More

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Fitbit’s new smartwatch looks to win over women and Android users – Mashable

Mashable Fitbit's new smartwatch looks to win over women and Android users Mashable ... covered with the Versa, a smartwatch meant for everyone. It's cheaper, slimmer, and has fewer features: Whereas the Ionic has real GPS enhanced with Glonass positional tracking, the Versa has only Assisted GPS. The Ionic also features Fitbit Pay ... Fitbit Hopes for 'Mass Appeal' with New $249.95 CAD Versa Smartwatch u iPhone in Canada (press release) (blog) Fitbit Versa | Smart Watch Fitbit Fitbit Versa™ Smartwatch Fitbit Android Authority all 170 news articles »

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Fitbit is adding menstrual cycle tracking to its smartwatches

 Fitbit’s first smartwatch had its fair share of issues, including a large size, which made it unwieldy for many wrists. That fact no doubt automatically excluded the product from a big chunk of its potential user base, including a lot of women. Fitbit’s hardly alone among wearable makers in that oversight, of course, but the issue certainly stood out for a company whose products… Read More

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