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Please don’t send me Smart Replies

Yesterday, Google announced Allo, a new AI-powered messaging app. One of its key features is Smart Reply, which makes use of Google's machine learning tech to suggest responses if you don't feel like typing for whatever reason. Similar to the Smart R...

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Australian PM And Honda’s Asimo Snaps Selfie – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Australian PM And Honda's Asimo Snaps Selfie Ubergizmo asimo-selfie While robots in this day and age have not quite achieved the kind of sentient level that science fiction movies love to portray, this does not mean that there has been no progress in the robotics department. Honda's Asimo, for instance ... and more »

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Apple Does Not Intend To Make MacBook / iPad Hybrid: Cook – The Voice Herald (blog)

The Voice Herald (blog) Apple Does Not Intend To Make MacBook / iPad Hybrid: Cook The Voice Herald (blog) Apple released a statement to Mashable about Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil related shipping issues. If you consider that, it almost has the same weight as the Surface Book of Microsoft if the screen is detached. Thinking about giving or getting an ... Can the iPad Pro replace the laptop? wireless goodness Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book now on sale in Australia Seating Chair Logi Will Design Accessories for iPad Pro Voice Chronicle Beacon Examiner  - Financial Company Voices all 390 news articles »

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How warped incentives for Comcast’s "retention specialists" lead to a vexing cancellation call (Adrianne Jeffries/The Verge)

In 2006, a man named Vincent Ferrari called AOL and tried to cancel his internet service . It took him 21 minutes as an increasingly desperate customer service rep named John tried to talk him out of it. "You used this quite a lot," John says, in a recording Ferrari made of part of the call. "Last month was 545 hours of usage." "I don’t know how to make this any clearer, so I’m just going to say it one last time," Ferrari says. "Cancel. The. Account." It goes on. Last week, AOL vice president Ryan Block had a similar experience with a Comcast rep. Block and his wife spent around 18 minutes on the phone as an aggressive call-center employee asks questions like, "Why is it that you’re not wanting to have the No. 1 rated internet, No. 1 rated TV service in the country?" "Cancel.

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