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Overflow error shuts down token trading

A recently discovered programming error can make some crypto tokens susceptible to hackers . The exploit allows a hacker to pass an unusually high value to the exchange and get a ridiculous number of tokens in exchange, a problem that has caused the Okex exchange shut down all token trading including one called BeautyChain (BEC) . What’s really interesting is how the hack worked. As you can see above a line in the smart contract creates another value – amount – by multiplying cnt and _value . The hackers made a transfer and set the value to eight vigintillion – an eight with 63 zeroes. When this value is passed, the code overflows allowing the hacker to gain a massive number of tokens. Thanks to the smart contract’s “code-is-law” principal, each of these transfers are technically legitimate. “There is no traditional well-known security response mechanism in place to remedy these vulnerable contracts!” wrote one researcher on Medium . “With that, we further run our system to scan and analyze other contracts. Our results show that more than a dozen of ERC20 contracts are also vulnerable to batchOverflow.” In response Okex shut down all ERC-20 tokens but there are other exchanges and tokens susceptible to the hack. “To protect public interest, we have decided to suspend the deposits of all ERC-20 tokens until the bug is fixed.

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New ‘Silicon Valley’ VR experience lets you rip a bong in the hacker hostel

HBO’s Silicon Valley is returning to the air with Season 5 debuting on Sunday. To prep fans, HBO is teasing a virtual reality experience where users will be able to explore Erlich Bachman’s hacker hostel and interact with a ton of easter eggs from the show. You can rip a bong, open up some Fage yogurt, play the piano and pretty much just trash the place. The experience seems to fit in a surprising number of references from the show and generally appears to be a lot more high quality than most of these marketing gags generally are. Like, some studio definitely put a ton of work into this. Additionally, it appears that there’s new content recorded from actors in the show that pops up in it, so you’ll assuredly be able to hear the voice of Jian Yang complaining or conspiring. The experience is going to be available for download on HTC’s Viveport store when the show premieres so you’ll have to wait a couple days for it, but if you already own a VR headset you should be used to needing  a lot of patience.

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Here’s how to become an ethical hacker

Cybersecurity should be top of mind for most people, especially given the slew of high-profile cyber-attacks that have been dominating the news. While it's often unclear who the perpetrators of these attacks are, the core concepts and techniques they...

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