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I’m giving ‘Pokémon Go’ another try

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a serious Pokémon player. I don't know a Kanto from a Johto, and really have no clue where an Alolan Exeggutor comes from. Still, when Pokémon Go came out for mobile two years ago, this almost 50...

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iOS 11.3 may break aftermarket iPhone 8 displays

iOS 11.3 brought with it some improvements for your iPhone, including ARKit updates, new battery features, and a new message that informs you when it wants access to personal data. Unfortunately, if you had your iPhone 8 display replaced by an afterm...

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The best smartphones and tablets to give as gifts

Let's be real: Smartphones are pricey and as far as gifts go, they're hard to keep a surprise. But there's also a good chance someone in your life is due for an upgrade, and as the holiday season approaches, you're likely to spot some good deals. For...

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iOS 11 is here with improved multitasking and AR

With multitasking, ARKit and more AI smarts, iOS 11 is one of Apple's biggest iOS updates yet. It just started rolling out around the world, so don't be surprised to see a message on your iPhone or iPad soon. If you've been procrastinating, now would...

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AppleCare now costs more for larger iPhones

Are you eyeing a larger-screened iPhone, like the iPhone X or 8 Plus? Unfortunately, it'll cost you extra to extend the warranty. Apple has quietly raised the price of AppleCare+ coverage for bigger iPhones, with the price varying depending on what y...

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