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Alexa now recaps NBA and NHL game stats

Voice assistants aren't great for sports buffs. They can provide the latest scores or tell you when your favorite team will play, but they rarely dive headlong into stats. Amazon, however, thinks it can dig a little deeper. It just gave Alexa the...

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App of the Day: 1 Password – KFDX

KFDX App of the Day : 1 Password KFDX (WHAT THE TECH) - You've heard it before: every online account needs its own password and they should be 15 characters with a mixture of lower-case, upper-case letters, numbers and special symbols. When you have passwords for Facebook, email, bank and ... and more »

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YouTube TV becomes first-ever presenting partner for the NBA Finals, following similar deal with MLB

YouTube TV announced this morning it will become the first-ever presenting sponsor of the 2018 NBA Finals as the result of a multi-year partnership focused on raising consumer awareness of YouTube’s streaming TV service. In addition to becoming the presenting sponsor of the NBA Finals, the deal will also see YouTube TV becoming the presenting sponsor of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Finals and the NBA’s minor league, the NBA G League. The deal is now one of many YouTube TV has forged in recent weeks. It has also partnered with the Los Angeles Football Club, Seattle Sounders FC, and most notably, the MLB, on similar promotional efforts. With the Major League Baseball partnership , YouTube TV again becomes the presenting sponsor of the World Series for the next two years. That means the game will be referred to as the 2018 “World Series presented by YouTube TV.” The arrangement includes on-air callouts, national TV spots featuring players, and in-stadium ads, as well. Similarly, the NBA deal will see the game referred to as “The Finals presented by YouTube TV.” The YouTube TV logo will also be featured on the court and in the area. Plus, YouTube TV will get on-air callouts, and be featured in ABC commercial spots, as well as across the NBA’s social media channels and digital assets. ABC has aired the Finals since 2003, but today, more people are cutting the cord with traditional broadcast and cable television, and losing access to some sports programming as a result – unless they install an antenna. One firm, eMarketer, estimated there are 22.2 million cord cutters in the U.S., but combined with the “cord nevers” who never sign up to begin with, there are 56.6 million U.S. consumers going without pay TV . In particular, the younger demographic is giving up TV in greater numbers, as other entertainment options – like the internet itself, mobile apps , and YouTube – have gained their attention. This has led to sports leagues trying to find new ways to attract this audience

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App of the Day: Ada – KFDX

KFDX App of the Day : Ada KFDX (WHAT THE TECH) - Why is it when we're not feeling well we Google our symptoms and it always could be cancer? I found an app that practically went to medical school. There are many apps in both app stores that review symptoms and give a list of ... and more »

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The nuanced challenges of antitrust and AT&T-Time Warner

It’s been almost eighteen months since the boards of AT&T and Time Warner unanimously voted to sign an agreement to merge their two companies together and create a content and distribution powerhouse. That deal, pegged at $108 billion including debt from Time Warner , would be among the largest corporate mergers in American history. The U.S. Department of Justice sued to block the deal this past November , and now after long last, the antitrust trial that will determine the deal’s fate is about to start tomorrow with opening statements, following a snow delay today in Washington DC . This case is sprawling — the Justice Department intends to present 519 exhibits already — and much of the case will hinge on technical legal minutia. However, at its heart is a critical question on whether a combination of AT&T and Time Warner would help or hurt competition and thus ultimately consumer welfare. This is a very important case to understand, because the court will have to reach a nuanced understanding of antitrust law in the complex and deeply interconnected world of video services. The decision rendered here could drastically affect consumer choice as well as the business practices of companies across the tech industry. A framework to understand antitrust Before getting into the specifics of AT&T-Time Warner though, we need to understand how antitrust works — which is quite a bit more nuanced than the media generally describes. The essential goal of antitrust regulations is to protect consumers from predatory business practices driven by companies who hold outsized market power. While companies can grow market power over time (think a fast-growing startup eating more and more marketshare), the reality is that the U.S.

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Don’t foul this free-throwing Toyota basketball robot

Because if it gets to the free-throw line, it sinks the shot – every. single. time. This robot (via The Verge ) is the project of a group of Toyota engineers using their spare time, to build a robot inspired by the manga Slam Dunk , which is about a Japanese high school basketball team. The engineers brought their robot out to face off against humans, (pro players, though pro players from a B–league in Japan, not NBA) but the robot nailed it every time. Still, it’s a free–throw competition – humans still have a gigantic lead on other aspects of basketball, like most of them, in fact. Don’t get me started on the dunk competition. 

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