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MWC 2017 showed us the power of nostalgia

Millennials may recognize the Nokia 3310 from the "Indestructible Nokia" meme, but us older folks will more likely remember it as the first cell phone we ever used. Here at MWC 2017, Nokia revived the iconic handset, giving it a 2-inch color display,...

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All the reveals from PlayStation Experience 2016

It definitely feels like Sony showed off more games during the PlayStation Experience keynote today than it did at E3. Which is pretty impressive, when you think about it. The show started out with a glimpse at the next chapter of the Uncharted saga...

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The After Math: Sentimental Sunday

It was a top notch week in terms of longing for the simpler times of yesteryear. The action was capped off with a ringing endorsement from none other than Clint Eastwood himself. But while that angry old man busied himself with yelling at clouds, Son...

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Nintendo’s Classic Mini costs £50 in the UK

As if Pokémon Go wasn't playing havoc with our nostalgia receptors already, Nintendo yesterday announced the Classic Mini: A palm-sized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) clone complete with 30 preinstalled 8-bit titles. We know this future C...

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