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Parrot app automatically edits your drone videos

Drone videos can be spectacular, but editing them? Not so much -- don't be surprised if you spend hours cutting 10 minutes of footage into something worth watching. Parrot thinks there's a better way. It's adding a Flight Director feature to its Free...

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Parrot’s Mambo FPV puts you in the mini cockpit

With its cannon and claw accessories, last year's Mambo drone from Parrot was more a toy than a photography tool. The latest version of the mini drone looks to be at least more fun, if not more useful, than its predecessor. The Mambo FPV comes with a...

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Test-flying Parrot’s new Bebop drone – Mashable

Test-flying Parrot's new Bebop drone Mashable The remarkably stable new aircraft sports a fully controllable fisheye camera, as well as a sophisticated controller that works with an iPad , for real-time viewing. Mashable's chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff took the Bebop on a fly-through of our New ...

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