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Cuba is rolling out mobile internet nationwide

The Cuban government has launched a program that will see mobile internet rolled out nationwide by the end of the year. Communist-run Cuba is one of the least connected countries in the Western Hemisphere due to a lack of resources, the US trade emba...

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Verizon stops activating 3G phones

Verizon is no longer activating phones that aren't 4G LTE-capable. Recently, a few readers told Droid Life that Verizon had declined their requests to activate 3G devices, and the carrier has now confirmed that this will be the policy going forward....

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iPhone Survives 1000 Foot Drop From Plane – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo iPhone Survives 1000 Foot Drop From Plane Ubergizmo A couple of friends went for a ride in a vintage biplane in Ames, Iowa earlier this month. One of them took out her phone to take pictures, as you do in this day and age, and dropped it. The iPhone fell almost 1,000 feet to the ground that would have ... and more »

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Moment Pro Camera app brings big camera controls to your phone

The company that brought you the best glass for your mobile device now gives you DSLR-like controls with their Pro Camera app. Features include full manual adjustment over ISO, shutter speed, white balance, image format and more. It should be noted that if you don’t have a shiny new device you won’t be able to use the app to its full potential since some of its key features include 3D touch, dual lens control, RAW image format, 120 and 240 fps, and 4k resolution. Moment says the app is for “anyone looking for pro, manual controls on their phone.” Being one of TechCrunch’s resident image makers, I figured I should take the app out for a spin and pit it against the stock camera app. I enlisted my photogenic friend, Jackie, to be my muse. Scrolling through the manual settings was very easy and the UI never felt fumbly. The histogram is nice to have and utilizes that iPhone notch well. The app doesn’t have portrait mode, however, which Jackie and I would have loved because who doesn’t love that buttery (fake) bokeh – amirite? Manipulating the exposure in video mode was equally as easy. The app didn’t have an audio meter or level settings, so folks recording dialog or VO need to plan accordingly. Luckily, our shoot didn’t need it since we were shooting slow-mo. For a couple extra bucks you can get the same manual controls, audio levels, + RAW with ProCam 5.

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