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Uber loses its flying taxi chief

The Uber division working on flying taxis has just lost its chief: according to The Wall Street Journal and The Information, unit head Jeff Holden has stepped down and left the company. Holden's departure came as a surprise, considering the ride-shar...

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Google makes the camera smarter with a Google Lens update, integration with Street View

Google today showed off new ways it’s combining the smartphone camera’s ability to see the world around you, and the power of A.I. technology. The company, at its Google I/O developer conference, demonstrated a clever way it’s using the camera and Google Maps together to help people better navigate around their city, as well as a handful of new features for its previously announced Google Lens technology, launched at last year’s I/O. The maps integration combines the camera, computer vision technology, and Google Maps with Street View. The idea is similar to how people navigate without technology – they look for notable landmarks, not just street signs. With the camera/Maps combination, Google is doing that now, too. It’s like you’ve jumped inside Street View, in fact. In the interface, the Google Maps user interface is at the bottom of the screen, while the camera is showing you what’s in front of you. There’s even an animated guide (a fox) who you can follow to find your way. The feature was introduced ahead of several new additions for Google Lens, Google’s smart camera technology. Already, Google Lens can do things like identify buildings, or even dog breeds, just by pointing your camera at the object (or pet) in question. With an updated version of Google Lens, it will be able to identify text too. For example, if you’re looking at a menu, you could point the camera at the menu text in order to learn what a dish consists of – in the example on stage, Google demonstrated Lens identifying the components of ratatouille

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