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Lowe’s smart home system can call 911 for you

If you own a smart home system, here's the worst case scenario: You're away, something has genuinely gone wrong and you need to contact the emergency services. That involves a frantic phone call and some worrying about how swiftly your phone's notifi...

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2016’s biggest privacy threat: Your phone

When it comes to handing malicious hackers' intimate details about our lives, right now Yahoo is leading the pack as one of the worst threats to privacy in recent history. Yet there's one thing that has Yahoo beat in both the amount and sensitivity...

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Sony’s petite Xperia X Compact hits the UK

Right about now has to be the worst possible time for a new smartphone to launch, what with Apple announcing a pair of new iPhones and all. Nevertheless, Sony's Xperia X Compact is now available in the UK, just over a week after it debuted at this ye...

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I’ve accidentally joined the cult of Pokémon

Pokémon passed me by when it arrived in the UK back in 1999, and I've never been a fan. The way my friends were suddenly gripped by its cult-like lure made it seem like the worst thing ever. In my mind, 15-year-olds shouldn't be hunched over t...

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