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Defunding the ISS might just help get us to Mars

There's good news for NASA in the Trump administration's proposed FY2019 budget and some bad. On the one hand, the space agency would receive a minor funding boost -- NASA itself would get $19.9 billion, a 1.3 percent increase over 2017, while its sc...

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A state-run 5G network is impossible in the US

Axios recently reported that it had discovered a document that revealed something very interesting: The Trump administration was considering a government-run 5G network. According to the memo, this was in order to fight China's upcoming dominance in...

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Behold, the bouncing selfie ball

Facebook's attempt to assess news sources through its users. Donald Trump's Twitter meltdowns. Instagram's influencers and ad-labeling challenges. Our lives have become dominated by social media and an incessant need to document our most mundane acti...

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