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Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm that worked on the Trump campaign

Facebook announced late Friday that it had suspended the account of Strategic Communication Laboratories, and its political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica — which used Facebook data to target voters for President Donald Trump’s campaign in the 2016 election. In a statement released by Paul Grewal , the company’s vice president and deputy general counsel, Facebook explained that the suspension was the result of a violation of its platform policies. The company noted that the very unusual step of a public blog post explaining the decision to act against Cambridge Analytica was due to “the public prominence of this organization.” We have suspended Cambridge Analytica from our platform for a clear violation our policies. They cannot buy ads or administer its clients' pages. https://t.co/YIJ8MF4XI6 — Boz (@boztank) March 17, 2018 Facebook claims that back in 2015 Cambridge Analytica obtained Facebook user information without approval from the social network through work the company did with a University of Cambridge psychology professor named Dr. Aleksandr Kogan. Kogan developed an app called “thisisyourdigitallife” that purported to offer a personality prediction in the form of “a research app used by psychologists.” Apparently around 270,000 people downloaded the app, which used Facebook Login and granted Kogan access to users’ geographic information, content they had liked, and limited information about users’ friends. While Kogan’s method of obtaining personal information aligned with Facebook’s policies, “he did not subsequently abide by our rules,” Grewal stated in the Facebook post. “By passing information on to a third party, including SCL/Cambridge Analytica and Christopher Wylie of Eunoia Technologies, he violated our platform policies. When we learned of this violation in 2015, we removed his app from Facebook and demanded certifications from Kogan and all parties he had given data to that the information had been destroyed. Cambridge Analytica, Kogan and Wylie all certified to us that they destroyed the data.” Facebook said it first identified the violation in 2015 and took action — apparently without informing users of the violation.

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What the Tech? Apps to help you with your allergies – WRCB-TV

What the Tech? Apps to help you with your allergies WRCB-TV If you dread the beauty of springtime it's probably because of what comes with spring flowers; allergies. If your car seems painted yellow because of all the pollen flying through the air you're probably looking for a little relief. I found it with a ... and more »

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How to tackle influencer fraud

Influencer marketing has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last few years with brands and social media celebrities working together. But gatecrashers who want a slice of the action are sneaking into the mix.

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