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Meet the dominatrix living inside an Echo Dot

NSFW: This article contains links to and descriptions of explicit sexual acts including BDSM play that some may find uncomfortable. The individuals included in this report are consenting adults who observe proper safety procedures in their play. A...

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Alexa will soon have a memory

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Amazon's Alexa was an amnesiac: it can't remember important long-term info, or even that you started talking to it a few moments ago. Soon, though, it'll be considerably less forgetful. Amazon's Ruhi Sarikaya ha...

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Alexa now recaps NBA and NHL game stats

Voice assistants aren't great for sports buffs. They can provide the latest scores or tell you when your favorite team will play, but they rarely dive headlong into stats. Amazon, however, thinks it can dig a little deeper. It just gave Alexa the...

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Google app hints at custom Routines in Assistant

You can already use Routines in Google Assistant, but you've so far had to tweak "ready-made" examples to fit your needs instead of creating your own from whole cloth. That might not be a problem before long -- 9to5Google has discovered code in the...

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