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ASUS crams a GTX 1080 into a 16.9mm-thick laptop

For most people, Zephyrus is the Greek god of the west wind, gently bringing spring, and fruit, to the peoples of the world. For gamers, you can be damn sure that definition is going to be quickly supplanted by the one created by ASUS' Republic of Ga...

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Nintendo’s Famicom Mini is Japan’s NES Classic

Nintendo fans in its home country are getting their own teensy retro console, as well. Today, Mario's creator has revealed the mini Famicom, a shrunken version of the original NES the company released in Japan. Just like the mini NES for the west, th...

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Kik founder: young consumers who haven’t settled on banking, shopping and gaming services are key to building a WeChat-like platform in developed…

I remember pitching Kik to investors in 2009. It was the most frustrating experience. Why do you need chat that’s just on your phone? Why wouldn’t you just use Facebook Messenger? Why not just text? At the time, the West completely underestimated chat. People thought Facebook would rule forever. Five years and a string of billion-dollar financings later, the West no longer questions the value of mobile-first chat. But once again, the West is completely underestimating where this is all going. They look to the East at WeChat and Line and say their platforms could never work here. They are so right, and yet so wrong. The East I remember when I first truly appreciated what was happening in the East. An engineer from Alibaba was in our office and we were talking about what was happening in China. But he could tell that I didn’t really appreciate it at an emotional level. Eventually, he pulled me aside, and said, “Ted, I want to show you something.” He took out his phone and opened WeChat, the dominant chat app in China.

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