Hi-Tech Holidays with Carley Knobloch

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Ready or not, the holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear! And tech gifts continue to top lists, but don’t stress out just yet! Tech Lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch partnered with some of her favorite brands to help you pick the perfect techie gifts for everyone on your list.

Want a peek at the hot tech gift this year? Well, get ready to travel into a whole new reality! Mixed Reality that is!

Samsung HMD Odyssey

Samsung HMD Odyssey

Samsung HMD Odyssey is the ultimate Windows Mixed Reality Headset that delivers an immersive experience with superior picture quality and the highest resolution display in the market.

Featuring dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays, it delivers more vibrant colors and lifelike images, and 110-degree field of view puts users right in the action. Built-in premium AKG headphones deliver 360-degree spatial sound, and it features built-in insider-out position tracking so it’s ready right out of the box with no need to install extra motion sensors.

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Are you looking for an affordable smartphone this holiday? Take a look below for a great find!

Alcatel IDOL 5S

Alcatel IDOL 5S

The newest generation in the award-winning IDOL smartphone line from Alcatel, the all-new IDOL 5S (SRP $279.99), continues the IDOL’s legacy of timeless design and a feature-rich mobile experiences. This unlocked version of the IDOL 5S is exclusive to the U.S., offering impressive hardware design, a brilliant large pixel rear camera, immersive viewing and listening experiences, and efficient multitasking that have become the heritage of the IDOL smartphone lineup. Like its predecessors, the IDOL 5S is designed to deliver the latest technologies offering VR ready content, the incredibly capable Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 625 processor, AndroidTM 7.1 Nougat and more. The IDOL 5S is optimized to support GSM carrier networks, including AT&T and T-Mobile, and CDMA compatibility with Sprint and Verizon networks.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alcatelonetouchusa
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AlcatelMobileUS

Let’s face it, younger kids are getting tech savvy…take a look at something they will love this holiday!

Talkies by Toymail

Talkies by Toymail

Talkies are the only safe and screen-free device for kids to voice chat with friends and family. No need to give your child a phone! With just a push of a button, kids can connect to Mom, Dad, Grandparents and friends at any time, from anywhere. Parents use the Toymail app to send messages and kids use the Talkie to speak back. Approve your child’s trusted circle through the Toymail app. An optional monthly service also offers educational content, jokes, songs and other great features to keep your kiddo engaged and happy.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/toymailco
Twitter: www.twitter.com/toymailco

Looking to upgrade your smartphone or free up extra space around your house before the holidays? This app is a simple way to do it all!



With 75M downloads and hundreds of millions of listings to date, letgo is the largest and fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. Already among the top mobile apps in America, letgo’s users buy and sell everything from electronics, cars and collectibles to clothing, furniture and other home décor. The free app makes it easy to sell what you don’t need and find great deals nearby on what you do. Posting something for sale on letgo is as simple as taking a photo thanks to its advanced technology. It is the only app of its kind that automatically titles and categorizes a seller’s listing using artificial intelligence and image recognition. Users can easily browse local listings, chat instantly in the app, and view each other’s profiles, ratings and reviews.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/letgoapp
Twitter: www.twitter.com/letgo

*Content Provided and Sponsored by Samsung Electronics America, Alcatel, Toymail and letgo.

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