Hulu is closing its Marin office, half the staff moving to Seattle

Following Hulu  massive re-organization of its business announced last month, which saw the departures of three major execs alongside the hires of two new ones, the company is consolidating its operations by shuttering its Marin office, the home to Hulu’s client device platform team. Around nine people from the under 20-person team in Marin will not be relocating to a different Hulu location as a result. The changes were brought about by new CTO Dan Phillips, who recently joined Hulu from TiVo. In his new role, he decided to further restructure Hulu’s team and operations. Phillips believes it makes more sense to bring together all of Hulu’s engineering and operations into three offices: Seattle, Santa Monica, and Beijing. The client device platform is a layer across Hulu’s living room devices that allows developers to write code that’s deployed across devices. However, Hulu’s living room team is in Seattle. To better align the two, the client device platform team is making the move to Seattle. The hope is that by brining the teams closer together, they can better collaborate and work more efficiency resulting in code that’s delivered faster, as well as faster updates to Hulu’s living room product. For example, Hulu plans to soon roll out new living room features around fall TV and sports. The focus on the living room is of particular concern to Hulu as the company has said that 78 percent of viewing takes place in the living room. Basically, the TV is Hulu’s biggest screen, so it needs to prioritize those efforts. With the move, around half of Marin’s team is being offered relocation, while around nine employees are being let go as Hulu has resources to cover their roles in Seattle, as well as in Beijing, and Santa Monica

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Hulu is closing its Marin office, half the staff moving to Seattle

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