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Review: The tiny $129 Echo Sub is a huge audio upgrade

Want to make your music more interesting? Add a subwoofer. That’s what Amazon did and, suddenly, the entire Echo smart speaker lineup is a lot more interesting. If you were not impressed with the sound of an Echo, consider trying again with the Echo paired with an Echo Sub. The subwoofer changes the game. The Echo Sub is a small, round sub covered in the same fabric as the Echo speakers. Currently it’s only available in dark gray. It’s designed to be sat on the floor or a sturdy desk and serve up the low notes the Echo speakers are unable to reproduce. The Echo Sub does its job, making audio from the Echo speakers more full and enjoyable, well-balanced and healthy. The Echo Sub is a must-have for Echo owners. Review Amazon provided TechCrunch with a pair of $99 Echo speakers and the $129 Echo Sub. This kit is available for $249, but Amazon also sells the Echo Sub bundle with two Echo Plus devices for $329 — that’s the bundle to get since the Plus models have larger speaker drivers. I suspect the difference will be worth the additional $30.

Review: The tiny $129 Echo Sub is a huge audio upgrade


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