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Where we’re going, we won’t need windows: How autonomy will change cars

Enlarge / When AI is doing the driving, what we call a "car" may look and act like something else entirely. (credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Welcome to Ars UNITE, our week-long virtual conference on the ways that innovation brings unusual pairings together. Each day this week from Wednesday through Friday, we're bringing you a pair of stories about facing the future. Today's focus is on AI in transportation—buckle up! As artificial intelligence technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it may have a profound effect on how everyday objects look and behave. That's especially true of autonomous vehicles. While the first self-driving cars in development have built upon human-controlled designs, AI will steer vehicle design past traditional shapes and features. With fewer human factors to worry about, the shape and behavior of vehicles could change radically. And it could all start with something as simple as headlights. “As vehicles shift from drivers to autonomy, the importance of lights will diminish while the importance of sensors will increase,” explained Adam Rodnitzky, the vice president of marketing at Occipital , a spatial computing company. “Therefore, we’ll start to see common design features like headlights, tail lights and turn signals go from prominent styling features to vestigial and diminished design elements.” Read 12 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Nauto will notify drivers when they’re distracted in real-time

Nauto, the transportation company that aims to make human drivers safer and train autonomous vehicles for all types of scenarios, has just launched Prevent. Nauto Prevent is designed to prevent distracted driving by notifying drivers when they’ve had their eyes off the road for too long. Nauto Prevent’s notifications are dependent upon factors like how long you’ve had your eyes averted from the road and how fast you’re driving. If you’ve been distracted for more than five seconds and are driving at 60 mph, you’ll hear a voice notification. But if you continue to be distracted, you’ll hear an alarm. “We designed the whole thing to be really focused on keeping the driver safe without being intrusive,” Nauto CEO Stefan Heck told TechCrunch. “We want to help human drivers, not just rat them out to their boss.” This feature is on top of Nauto’s flagship product that helps companies better train their commercial drivers. Nauto’s core offering is a two-way facing camera that sits up near the rear-view mirror to monitor both driver behavior and road conditions. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence, Nauto then provides insights and coaching to drivers around distraction and fatigue. With Prevent, drivers will now receive notifications if they’re distracted, tailgating or if there are other potential risks on the road. The idea is not to just alert drivers when they’re doing something illegal, but to notify them when there’s actual risk involved.

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