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How some people are using carpooling via UberPool and Lyft Line as a networking and dating opportunity (Carmel DeAmicis/Re/code)

Mitchell, 26, uses the carpool versions of Uber and Lyft — called UberPool and Lyft Line — to meet women. Here’s his routine: Check the app to see who he’s matched with (Lyft Line will show the person’s Facebook picture; UberPool, just the name). Then when the woman joins him in the car, he’ll ask where she’s headed. “If they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m going to my boyfriend’s house,’ it’s not a good situation to step into,” said Mitchell, who is a venture investor. He’s been on four dates with women he’s met this way so far — two from each app. Mitchell isn’t alone in looking for love on Lyft Line and UberPool. With these less-expensive versions of Uber and Lyft, the apps automatically match people with other passengers going the same way. Although passengers have no control over whom they’re partnered with, there’s a high-enough density of young, single people in a city like San Francisco that occasional romantic interludes happen. As people share the ride to their respective destinations, they have a bit of downtime to get to know one another. It’s a natural, maybe even inevitable, perk of the sharing economy.

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