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Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News . More posts by this contributor In VC fund creation, have we passed the peak? Supergiant VC rounds aren’t just raised in China Many corporations are pinning their futures on their venture investment portfolios. If you can’t beat startups at the innovation game, go into business with them as financial partners. Though many technology companies have robust venture investment initiatives— Alphabet’s venture funding universe  and  Intel Capital ’s prolific approach to startup investment come to mind—other corporations are just now doubling down on venture investments. Over the past several months, several big corporations committed additional capital to corporate investments. For example, defense firm  Lockheed Martin added  an additional $200 million  to its in-house venture group back in June. Duck-represented insurance firm  Aflac  just bumped its corporate venture fund  from $100 million to $250 million , and  Cigna  lust  launched a $250 million fund of its own. This is to say nothing of financial vehicles like  SoftBank ’s  truly enormous Vision Fund , into which the Japanese telecom giant invested $28 billion of its own capital. And 2018 is on track to set a record for U.S. corporate involvement in venture deals. We come to this conclusion after analyzing corporate venture investment patterns of the top 100 publicly traded, U.S.-based companies (as ranked by market capitalizations at time of writing). The chart below shows that investing activity, broken out by stage, for each year since 2007. A few things stick out in this chart. The number of rounds these big corporations invest in is on track to set a new record in 2018

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