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LOLA just raised $24M for a subscription service that ships tampons, pads and now condoms

LOLA , a subscription service delivering tampons and pads, and now other products, including condoms, lubricant, and feminine cleansing wipes, has closed on $24 million in Series B funding. While the startup touts its products’ “100% organic” nature, it’s also well-received because of the customization offered and its direct-to-consumer nature. The new round of financing was led by private equity firm Alliance Consumer Growth (ACG), with support from existing investors Spark Capital, Lerer Hippeau and Brand Foundry Ventures. To date, LOLA has raised $11.2 million, from investors including also BBG Ventures, 14W, the founders of Warby Parker and Harry’s, Sweetgreen, Bonobos, and Insomnia Cookies. Celebs like  Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, and Allison Williams have also invested. Launched in 2015, LOLA’s founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier had the idea to challenge industry giants, like Tampax and Playtex, with a 100% organic product. “We founded LOLA with a simple and seemingly obvious idea – as women, we shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to our reproductive health,” explains Kier. “Like most women, we’d been using the same feminine care products since we were teenagers. But when we found out that brands – including the same ones we were loyal to all those years – aren’t required to disclose exactly what’s in their products, it made us wonder: what’s in our tampon?” “If we care about everything else we put in our bodies, products for our reproductive health shouldn’t be any different,” she states. LOLA’s tampons, pads and liners are made only with organic cotton, not synthetic fibers, like those used mainstream brands. Nor do they contain fragrances or dyes. The nature of its products appeal to consumers – especially, young millennial women – who are more conscious of the chemicals in their products, as well as those who want to buy organic for the environmental benefits. That said, there’s  a bit of debate over how dangerous (or not) it is to use traditional feminine care products. Skeptics , including some  doctors , insist there’s no threat from conventional products. But even women not concerned with buying organic may find LOLA appealing because of its model.

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With its new ‘Interests’ feature, eBay again tries to personalize its marketplace

Remember when eBay bought Hunch in 2011 to improve its personalization technology and attract shoppers based on their interests? Or when  it  launched a Pinterest-like tool  called Setify in 2012 for creating personalized collections and wishlists? Or when it  revamped its mobile apps  in 2014 to focus on discovery and interests? Well guess what? Ebay is at it again today, as it’s launching a new shopping experience that – yep, you guessed it – lets online consumers focus on their interests, and experience a more personalized version of eBay. I feel like I’ve heard this before! The issue at hand is that eBay is still trying to shake its old reputation of being an auction site – even though bidding only comprised 19 percent of its sales in 2017. People continue to think of it as a secondhand goods marketplace – a place to find collectibles, antiques, or hard-to-find items; not the massive online store connecting buyers and sellers worldwide – though that’s what it has evolved to become. One could even argue eBay has had a bit of Pinterest envy, as do many other online retailers who can’t figure out why they can’t just lets their customers surf curated inventory and put them into collections, too, in order to make shoppers think their site is the place to “discover new things.” (Hi, ahem, Amazon Interesting Finds .) eBay Interests This time around, eBay’s personalization efforts involve a new “Interests” feature. The tactic is to walk consumers through a customization experience in its mobile app where you manually tap on what sort of things you’re interested in, like “biking” or “boho chic” fashion, for example. This sort of demand for explicit input implies that, despite how much shopping you may or may not have done over the years on eBay, it just doesn’t have enough data on its shoppers to create the ideal personalized storefront. It’s the equivalent of eBay going, “okay, fine, why don’t you just tell me what your interests are then?” There’s nothing wrong with that, to be clear. And it’s not like recommendations are working that well elsewhere either. ( Walmart and Amazon still lean heavily on “customers also viewed” and “related to this item” suggestions. And, of course, Amazon continues to think that buying an item once means you’re just really into that thing, even when it’s a toilet seat

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Twitch’s custom extensions can now ask for Bits

You didn't think Twitch would offer streamer extensions without finding a way to generate money from them, did you? Sure enough, the customization feature now accepts Bits (the microtransactions you normally use to tip streamers) for on-page games a...

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