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Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire

Enlarge / A firefighter battling the Medocino Complex fire on August 7, 2018 near Lodoga, California. (credit: Getty Images | Justin Sullivan ) Verizon Wireless' throttling of a fire department that uses its data services has been submitted as evidence in a lawsuit that seeks to reinstate federal net neutrality rules. "County Fire has experienced throttling by its ISP, Verizon," Santa Clara County Fire Chief Anthony Bowden wrote in a declaration. "This throttling has had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services. Verizon imposed these limitations despite being informed that throttling was actively impeding County Fire's ability to provide crisis-response and essential emergency services." Bowden's declaration was submitted in an  addendum  to a  brief  filed by 22 state attorneys general, the District of Columbia, Santa Clara County, Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District, and the California Public Utilities Commission. The government agencies are seeking to overturn the recent repeal of net neutrality rules in a lawsuit they filed against the Federal Communications Commission in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Read 30 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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LA schools’ beleaguered, billion dollar iPad project under FBI investigation – Mashable

Mashable LA schools' beleaguered, billion dollar iPad project under FBI investigation Mashable LOS ANGELES — FBI agents seized 20 boxes of documents related to Los Angeles Unified School District's beleaguered $1 billion iPad project, officials confirmed Tuesday. Agents confiscated documents at the district's offices Monday regarding ... Scandal: FBI Seize LAUSD iPad Technology Documents Breitbart News all 168 news articles »

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