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Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee says enough with favoring the ‘good guys’

Diversity and inclusion is a trash fire in Silicon Valley and in the business world at large. But let’s just focus on tech for now. At the Code Conference this evening, All Raise and Cowboy Ventures Partner Aileen Lee, shift7 CEO Megan Smith and Stubhub President Sukhinder Singh Cassidy talked about the state of diversity and inclusion in tech. Lee kicked things off with how the idea and statement that someone is such a “good guy” bothers her. Often times, she said, that’s the qualification for how many of these men get the opportunity to invest in companies or work at certain companies. Meanwhile, if someone suggests a woman or person of color, Lee said, the questions are totally different and focused on qualifications. “Good guys have hired and funded good guys,” Lee said. Moving forward, “we need to systematically map out our industry and business processes and try to take the biases out of them,” Lee said. She added, “people have not been given a fair shot and we need to kind of re-engineer our business.” “Last year it was like every month there was a new story where you just could no longer ignore it,” Lee said. “We have a lot of work to do but I’m pretty optimistic.” She pointed to how she’s sat at a board meeting where the male CEO pointed out, unprompted, that he sees the company is all male and is at risk of becoming a company no one would want to work for. The panel also touched on the importance of diversity at the board level and some backlash

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Here’s the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yesterday afternoon, word started spreading that a new — and perhaps final — trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story would land this evening. Sometime during American Idol , they said… of course without saying exactly when. Turns out: now. You can see it here: I had my doubts after the last trailer, but I’m loving this one. Donald Glover as young Lando is just perfect. The trailer roll-out for Solo started a bit later than most expected, presumably because of the relatively late director swap out. Ron Howard took over the film’s metaphorical cockpit in June of last year — about four months into production — after the original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (also the directors of The Lego Movie , Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs , and 21 Jump Street ) were taken off the project. Howard’s changes, while still mostly a mystery, reportedly involved weeks of reshoots. Howard tweeted at the end of March that his edits were “locked” – as of this morning, meanwhile, they were mixing the musical score. Whatever Howard ended up changing, the film will almost certainly end up as yet another point of debate amongst the fanbase. When you’re tinkering with the backstory of a character like Han Solo (and Lando!), with fans that have watched the originals a billion times, contention is a given.

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The Morning After: Thursday, November 16th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. It will be a busy Thursday for Elon Musk, as this evening SpaceX sends a "secret" payload skyward, and we're expecting to see Tesla's electric semi-truck. For everyone else, well, there's a new look for Google M...

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