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Magic Leap details what its mixed reality OS will look like

Magic Leap just updated its developer documentation and a host of new details and imagery are being spread around on Reddit and Twitter, sharing more specifics on how the company’s Lumin OS will look like on their upcoming Magic Leap One device. It’s mostly a large heaping of nitty-gritty details, but we also get a more prescient view into how Magic Leap sees interactions with their product looking and the directions that developers are being encouraged to move in. Worth noting off the bat that these gifs/images appear to be mock-ups or screenshots rather than images shot directly through Magic Leap tech. Alright, first, this is what the Magic Leap One home screen will apparently look like, it’s worth noting that it appears that Magic Leap will have some of its own stock apps on the device, which was completely expected but they haven’t discussed much about. Also worth noting is that Magic Leap’s operating system by and large looks like most other operating systems, they seem to be well aware that flat interfaces are way easier to navigate so you’re not going to be engaging with 3D assets just for the sake of doing so. Here’s a look at a media gallery app on Magic Leap One. Here’s a look at an avatar system. The company seems to be distinguishing between two basic app types for developers: immersive apps and landscape apps. Landscape apps like what you see in the image above, appear to be Magic Leap’s version of 2D where interfaces are mostly flat but have some depth and live inside a box called a prism that fits spatially into your environment. It seems that you’ll be able to have several of these running simultaneously. Immersive apps, on the other hand, like this game title,  Dr .  Grordbort — which Magic Leap has been teasing for years — respond to the geometry of the space that you are in and is thus called an immersive app.

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Microsoft introduces a pair of new enterprise apps for HoloLens

Today at Microsoft’s Day 1 Build keynote, AR and VR has definitely been a sideshow so far, but the company did have some announcements related to enterprise apps on the HoloLens. The company detailed two new apps, Remote Assist and Layout, which will be coming May 22. The new Remote Assist app from Microsoft is the company’s realization of a use case that has long been a core promise of AR in the workplace: hands-free telepresence that lets the other person see what you’re seeing. This sort of screen sharing of the real world can allow a worker in a manufacturing facility to ping a specialist and get quick annotations and advice about tackling a particular problem. This problem has been one that numerous companies in the AR enterprise space have been tackling, though Remote Assist is still more rudimentary than products from startups like Scope AR , which allow users to integrate CAD files that can be mapped directly onto machinery. The advantage with Microsoft’s offering is, of course, its deep integration within the ecosystem. Remote Assist is built closely with Teams so it will be easy to grab the relevant person for whom you have a question. Microsoft also boasts “industry-leading identity and security measures” thanks to Azure Active Directory login and Mobile Device Management. Microsoft also announced an application called Layout, which basically allows HoloLens users to drop 3D objects into rooms based on the geometry of the space. This is essentially similar to what a lot of the ARKit and ARCore apps for your phone have done with furniture retailers for sizing stuff in the context of your own home. With Layout’s enterprise skew, there’s more of a focus on designing spaces with CAD models that you are sent. The app has support for both HoloLens and the company’s VR headsets. Both of these apps should be launching at the end of the month

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Piccolo is building a gesture-based smart home ‘vision assistant’

 Voice assistants may be the hottest thing since sliced bread when it comes to controlling your $60 wifi light bulbs, but Piccolo is launching out of the latest Y Combinator class with a desire to put a camera in every smart home that can translate your physical motions and gestures into commands. The company’s “Vision Assistant” product works pretty simply, users place the… Read More

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Super Arc Light (Games)

Super Arc Light 1.4 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: 1.4 ( iTunes ) Description: “This is Twitch gaming at its finest on a mobile device” – The Guardian “To show off the gaming power of your new devices, one excellent option is Super Arc Light.” – The New York Times “Ever since release, it's become my go-to game.” – Touch Arcade “Space Invaders meets Super Hexagon” - Pocket Gamer Are you ready for pure relentless survival? Super Hexagon meets Geometry Wars in this stylish arcade shooter. Super Arc Light is a minimalistic, arcade radial shooter where you must defend your base to the death against waves of challenging enemies. Super Arc Light features a unique one button control system, delivering a fast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Survive for as long as you can, taking down tough enemies with speed and accuracy for the ultimate high score! With numerous weapons to unlock, each with their own spectacular visual effect – light up the skies as you destroy your foes in an epic display of space warfare. Super Arc Light is being developed by Glasgow based No Code Studios; a team of accomplished, BAFTA award-winning developers, who've worked on high profile AAA games titles such as Alien: Isolation. They’ve combined their AAA games development experience and innovative game design to create original and exciting new games for mobile. Hold on tight and get ready for pure relentless survival in Super Arc Light! Key Features - Fast paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay - Waves of challenging enemies to overcome - Many deadly weapons to unlock - Spectacular visual effects - Global leaderboards Super Arc Light

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