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Get ready to see more Twitter live streams

Twitter seriously wants to give Facebook a run for its money in its bid to transform into one of the largest online destination for live videos. According to The Information, the social network plans to announce next week that it's opening up its liv...

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Hive takes on Hue with colour-changing light bulbs

In its bid to kit out Britain's homes with tech-centric appliances, British Gas' Hive has launched a wide range of internet-ready products. There's the all-important smart thermostat, plugs, home sensors and, more recently, Hive Active Lights. These...

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Hacker faces 20 years in prison for helping ISIS

The US just broke new ground in its bid to fight pro-terrorist hackers. A judge has sentenced Kosovo citizen Ardit Ferizi to 20 years in prison for hacking a US company in order to collect information about 1,300 government and military personnel an...

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