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Hipflat Uses Blockchain Technology to Eliminate Expired and Inaccurate…

Hipflat, an online real estate search portal used by millions of home buyers and renters in Thailand, today announced the launch of verified property listings, powered by blockchain technology. (PRWeb October 13, 2018) Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/hipflat_uses_blockchain_technology_to_eliminate_expired_and_inaccurate_online_real_estate_listings_in_thailand/prweb15832690.htm

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Astronauts land safely after Soyuz launch fails at 20 miles up

A fault in a Soyuz rocket booster has resulted in an aborted crew mission to the International Space Station, but fortunately no loss of life. The astronauts in the capsule, Nick Hague (U.S.) and Alexey Ovchinin (Russia) successfully detached upon recognizing the fault and made a safe, if bumpy, landing nearly 250 miles east of the launch site in Kazakhstan. This high-profile failure could bolster demand for U.S.-built crewed spacecraft. The launch proceeded normally for the first minute and a half, but at that point, when the first and second stages were meant to detach, there was an unspecified fault, possibly a failure of the first stage and its fuel tanks to detach. The astronauts recognized this issue and immediately initiated the emergency escape system. Hague and Ovchinin in the capsule before the fault occurred. The Soyuz capsule detached from the rocket and began a “ballistic descent” (read: falling), arrested by a parachute before landing approximately 34 minutes after the fault. Right now that’s about as much detail on the actual event as has been released by Roscosmos and NASA. Press conferences have been mainly about being thankful that the crew is okay, assuring people that they’ll get to the bottom of this and kicking the can down the road on everything else. Although it will likely take weeks before we know exactly what happened, the repercussions for this failure are immediate. The crew on the ISS will not be reinforced, and as there are only 3 up there right now with a single Soyuz capsule with which to return to Earth, there’s a chance they’ll have to leave the ISS empty for a short time. The current crew was scheduled to return in December, but NASA has said that the Soyuz is safe to take until January 4, so there’s a bit of leeway.

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SR2 Solutions Launches Data Encryption and Digital Signature Service…

Beaumont, Texas based SR2 Solutions announced today the launch of the SR2 Encryption Service for cloud developers. With this new service, software developers can easily secure their cloud based... (PRWeb October 10, 2018) Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/sr2_solutions_launches_data_encryption_and_digital_signature_service_for_cloud_software_developers/prweb15821719.htm

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EMMESPHERE Sound Necklace Launches on Indiegogo – Fashionable Necklace…

EMMESPHERE just announced the launch of their first wearable collection. A usually mundane-looking but useful headphones is now transformed into an ingenuous and charming design which could be... (PRWeb October 09, 2018) Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/emmesphere_sound_necklace_launches_on_indiegogo_fashionable_necklace_with_built_in_wireless_headphones_for_listening_in_style/prweb15818748.htm

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Alogent Unveils Unify, a Complete Interactive Capture Platform that…

Alogent announced the launch of Unify, powered by Capture Once technology, the next generation of interactive capture platforms. By enabling banks and credit unions the ability to customize and... (PRWeb October 02, 2018) Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/alogent_unveils_unify_a_complete_interactive_capture_platform_that_delivers_a_consistent_user_experience_across_all_acquisition_channels/prweb15802745.htm

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