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LG promises to speed up bringing Android updates to its smartphones

LG is making efforts to improve the user experience on its devices after it opened a “Software Upgrade Center” in its native Korea. The new lab will be focused on “providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier, smartphone operating system and software updates,” the company explained in a brief statement . The idea is to help get the latest versions of Android out to more users at a faster pace than it does right now. That’s a genuine problem for Android OEM who are tasked with bringing the latest flavor of Android to devices that already in the market. Issues they have to deal with include different chipsets, Android customization and carriers. The issue has been pretty problematic for LG. Android Oreo, for example, announced by Google last September only began rolling out to the first handful of LG devices last month. The Korean firm said that one of the first priorities for this new center is to get Oreo out to Korea-based owners of the LG G6 — last year’s flagship phone — before the end of this month. After that, it will look to expand the rollout to G6 owners in other parts of the world. Beyond Android updates, the center will also focus on stability update to make sure that the newest features work on devices without compromising performance. This move is one of the first major strategies from new LG Mobile CEO Hwang Jeong-hwan, who took the top job last year . He came directly from the company’s R&D division, which suggests that he identified the update issue as a fairly urgent one to address. His bigger challenge is to stop LG’s mobile division bleeding capital. LG Electronics itself is forecasting record Q1 financial results  later this month, but its smartphone unit is likely to post yet another loss that drags the parent down .

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CES 2017 – First Look with Mario Armstrong

CES 2017 - First Look with Mario Armstrong

**Sponsored Content** The latest technologies will be unveiled at CES 2017, which opens in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 5. Award Winning Tech Expert Mario Armstrong has partnered with 5 brands that gives a glimpse into this year’s line-up of electronics, gizmos and gadgets. CES is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary …

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Dads and Grads Tech Gifts with Mario Armstrong

Dads and grads with mario armstrong

We’re already in graduation season and Father’s Day is quickly approaching. That means everyone’s looking for the perfect gifts for dads and grads. This time, skip the tie or the gift card — old standards are great, but you’ll want your gift to stand out, and tech is the way …

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