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Scientists may have found liquid water on Mars

Today, scientists announced that they have detected what could be a large reservoir of liquid water under the surface of Mars. The "lake" measures 20-km across and is located about 1.5 km below the Mars's southern polar ice cap. An article about the...

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Update: NASA’s InSight Mars lander lifts off

Update:  The Atlas V rocket lifted off on-time and is currently eleven minutes into the second stage of the flight, the booster having separated successfully… LIFTOFF! Humanity’s next mission to Mars has left the pad! @NASAInSight heads into space for a ~6 month journey to Mars where it will take the planet’s vital signs and help us understand how rocky planets formed. Watch: https://t.co/SA1B0Dglms pic.twitter.com/wBqFc47L5p — NASA (@NASA) May 5, 2018 My fairings open like petals on a flower and let my Centaur upper stage coast through space for a few minutes. Launch blog: https://t.co/50dnoQSHB8 — NASAInSight (@NASAInSight) May 5, 2018 Update 2: The rocket has now entered orbit, and the long coast phase. Despite the fog, it’s a smooth lift off so far for the first interplanetary launch from the US West Coast, seventeen minutes in… Main engine cutoff (MECO) is confirmed. Watch as @ULALaunch ’s #AtlasV rocket continues to propel @NASAInSight on its journey to Mars: https://t.co/SA1B0Dglms #InSight pic.twitter.com/YjCuQ0dhRB — NASA (@NASA) May 5, 2018 Original story follows below…  Night owl? Good news — there’s an historic rocket launch early tomorrow morning that you can catch while the rest of the country is sleeping. NASA’s InSight Mars lander is scheduled for takeoff at 4:05 AM Pacific, weather permitting. You can watch it live at the links below. InSight is launching atop an Atlas V rocket with a Centaur for the orbital stage, operated by United Launch Alliance. After a six-month trip through space, the mission is to discover the secrets lying deep within the Red Planet using sensitive seismographs and a temperature probe that will bore into the surface. There’s also a pair of CubeSats hitching a ride to test how tiny spacecraft will perform outside Earth’s orbit. NASA’s InSight Mars lander will gaze (and drill) into the depths of the Red Planet It’s historic not just because it’s an awesome Mars lander that will teach us about the formation of our rocky neighbor and Earth itself, but because this is the first time an interplanetary mission has taken off from the west coast of the country

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NASA may use swarms of robotic bees to study Mars

It's hard to exaggerate just how successful NASA's Mars Rover program has been. These little vehicles have crawled over different parts of the Martian landscape, sending back invaluable data. But these rovers have some limitations: They move incredib...

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