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NASA plans to make a telescope out of the Sun

As NASA astronomers peer further and further into space, they require ever larger and more powerful telescopes to do so. That's why one team of researchers from the Jet Propulsion Lab have proposed using the biggest object in our solar system, the Su...

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NASA really isn’t sure why ancient Mars was wet

The scientific community accepts that once upon a time, Mars was partially covered by water. New data from NASA's Curiosity rover indicates that a lake was present on the red planet billions of years ago, but this doesn't make much sense because at t...

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ICYMI: Crowdsourcing the space poop problem

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA and HeroX are asking for help from the public to try to create a bathroom that can be used for up to six days, inside space suits. Previously astronauts have worn diapers during missions in space suits, but tha...

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