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The Sonos Beam soundbar is now available

It took Sonos more than a month, but its new home theater speaker is now available. You can buy it on Sonos’ official website for $399 (or €449 if you live in Europe). It’s also available on Amazon and other retailers. The Beam is an affordable soundbar for your TV. This isn’t the company’s first soundbar, but it’s a better one. According to our review , its slimmer design makes it more versatile in many cases. Sometimes your TV is hanging on a wall. Or maybe you want to hide the speaker in a TV shelf. Just like recent Sonos speakers, it features Amazon Alexa. The company also promises Google Assistant support in the future. It’s a connected speaker for the home assistant generation. More interestingly, the Beam isn’t just a TV speaker. If you’re not using your TV, you can use it like a normal Sonos.

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This tiny ag tech company thinks it has figured out something its better-capitalized rivals haven’t

In November,  we told you about Farmers Business Network , a social network for farmers that invites them to share their data, pool their know-how, and bargain more effectively for better pricing from manufacturing companies. At the time, FBN, as it’s known, had just closed on $110 million in new funding in a round that brought its funding to roughly $200 million altogether. That kind of financial backing might dissuade newcomers to the space, but a months-old startup called AgVend  has just raised $1.75 million in seed funding on the premise that, well, FBN is doing it wrong. Specifically, AgVend’s pitch is that manufacturers aren’t so crazy about FBN getting between their offerings and their end users —  in large part because FBN is able to secure group discounts on those users’ behalf. AgVend is instead planning to work directly with manufacturers and retailers, selling their goods through its own site as well as helping them develop their own web shops. The idea is to “protect their channel pricing power,” explains CEO Alexander Reichert, who previously spent more than four years with Euclid Analytics , a company that helps brands monitor and understand the traffic inside their brick-and-mortar stores. AgVend is their white knight, coming to save them from getting disrupted out of business. “Why cut them out of the equation?” he asks. Whether farmers will go along is the question. Those who’ve joined FBN can ostensibly save money on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and more by being invited to comparison shop through FBN’s own online store. It’s not the easier sell, though. FBN charges farmers $600 per year to access its platform, which prove a hurdle to some who might try it out otherwise.

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Android Pay will tell you where it works nearby

One of the ways that Google is making Android more useful is by harnessing your location data for context-aware services. For instance, Nearby uses GPS and Bluetooth to monitor where you are, launching a relevant app should one be particularly useful...

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Amazon Echo Will Soon Be Available From Other Retailers – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Amazon Echo Will Soon Be Available From Other Retailers Ubergizmo It has been over a year since Amazon unveiled Echo, at first glance it might look like a normal Bluetooth speaker, but there's actually a very capable personal assistant called Alexa living inside. At first it was sold in limited quantities before ... and more »

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