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Google gets more RCS messaging support from Samsung

Google has secured a bit more buy in from Samsung for a next generation text messaging standard it’s long been promoting. The Android OS maker’s hope for  Rich Communication Services  (RCS), which upgrades what SMS can offer to support richer comms and content swapping, can provide its fragmented Android ecosystem with a way to offer comparably rich native messaging — a la Apple’s iMessage on iOS. But it’s a major, major task given how many Android devices are out there. And Google needs the entire industry to step with it to support RCS (not just device makers but carriers too) if it’s going to achieve anything more than fiddling around the edges. Zooming out for a moment, the even bigger problem is the messaging ship has sailed, with massively popular platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram having already offloaded billions of users into their respective walled gardens, pulling the center of gravity away from SMS. Not that that has stopped Google trying, though, even as it has been muddled in its strategy too — spreading its messaging efforts around quite a bit (with false starts like Allo). Google doubled down on RCS in April when it pulled resources from the standalone Allo messaging app to focus on trying to drum up more support for next-gen SMS instead. It has also managed to build a modicum of momentum behind RCS. At this year’s Mobile World Congress it announced more than 40 carriers now backed RCS — up from ~27 the year before . The most recent support figure put the carrier number at 55. But, three years on from its  acquisition of RCS specialist Jibe Mobile — and ambitious talk of building ‘the future of messaging’ — there’s little sign of that. An added wrinkle is that carriers also have to have actively rolled out RCS support, not just stated they intend to

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Samsung’s official launch video for the Galaxy Note 9 has also now leaked…

The official launch promo video for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone in the long-running Galaxy Note line — the Note 9 — appears to have leaked, with links to the video now cropping up on YouTube . And via Twitter… Samsung accidentally posted its Galaxy Note 9 into video to YouTube. Oops. pic.twitter.com/NfzikY4tLG — Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 3, 2018 The forthcoming phablet has been pretty comprehensively  leaked already . And clearly hasn’t had a radical (cosmetic nor form factor) makeover. (This is not the fabled folding phone Samsung is slated to be working on for next year.) The Note 9 will also be officially unveiled on August 9. So Samsung fans don’t have long left to wait for any last minute details they were keen to nail down. But, in the few days remaining, the Samsung-branded video offers a more polished look at what’s going to be up for pre-order next week… Samsung kicks off touting the power of the Note 9 — telling us it’s not just powerful but “super powerful” (leaked benchmarks  have previously suggested a big performance boost); and with a bottoms-up ports & rear view pan that shows a 3.5mm headphone jack sitting in the frame — confirming my TC colleague Brian Heater’s eagle eye . Also of note: A repositioned fingerprint sensor (now in a less stupid location below the dual lens camera housing). Next, the video flips focus to a snazzy yellow (or is that gold?) S Pen stylus, which Samsung describes as “all new powerful”, before showing its physical button being pressed by an invisible force (human, we hope) which then does a spot of aimless doodling. After this, Samsung moves to brag about the Note 9’s “all day battery” (which it’s confidently  teased before — so the company looks to have put the Note 7 battery fiasco  well and truly behind it), although the usual small print disclaimers warn about variable battery performance. On the storage front, there’s a big bold claim of the device being “1 terabyte ready” — although this is on account of a 512GB SD card shown being pulled out of the expandable memory slot. And in the small print displayed on the video at that point the company caveats that the 1TB claim is for 512GB models equipped with another 512GB in expandable memory (at the owner’s separate expense). “The power to store more” photos “Delete less” photos is what the company’s marketing team has come up with to try to excite people over the utility of owning a smartphone that can have 1TB in storage capacity.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Becomes Official – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Becomes Official Ubergizmo The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a 10.5-inch Android tablet designed for productivity. As usual, Samsung's latest comes with a sleek design that is at the edge of tablet manufacturing techniques. It has a Super-AMOLED (sAMOLED) 2560×1600/287 PPI display ... and more »

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Samsung Patents An In-Display Fingerprint Scanner – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Samsung Patents An In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Ubergizmo According to the rumors, one of the alleged features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is an in-display fingerprint scanner. So far there aren't too many phones that actually use such a scanner and it would be interesting to see Samsung implement it ... and more »

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The best mobile devices for students

There's no negotiating on this: You need a smartphone at college. Powerful flagships like the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 promise speedy performance, but even more affordable options like the Xperia XZ2 Compact and OnePlus 6 offer an impressiv...

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