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“Not too fond of Facebook”: A dating app removes its linked-profile requirement

(credit: Bumble ) As Americans (and their legislators ) come to grips with the wealth of personal data they've volunteered to Facebook over the years, they will likely look harder at the services they've connected their credentials to. In at least one case, a business is responding in kind. Bumble, a Tinder-like dating app that launched in 2014 with a "women send the first message" twist, announced plans on Monday to remove its Facebook credential requirement effective tomorrow, April 17. Should new users want to join Bumble or if existing users want to de-link their Facebook accounts, they will simply have to confirm a phone number. "The reason behind this improvement is due to the overwhelming request from prospective users who are not too fond of Facebook and, because of this, refused to give online dating a try," a Bumble representative wrote in an email to Ars Technica. Read 4 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Comcast is bundling Netflix into cable packages

It may sound strange at first, but the latest option in Comcast's Xfinity cable bundle is... Netflix. Despite their differences, the two have forged a partnership lately, with the Netflix app included on Comcast's X1 platform since 2016 (with access...

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Hulu discounts its HBO add-on to $5 per month

In case it wasn't already obvious that HBO really, really wants you to watch the second season of Westworld, Hulu just made it crystal clear. The streaming service has discounted its HBO add-on from $15 per month to just $5 ahead of Westworld's seas...

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The Zuckerberg hearings were a wasted opportunity

Over the past two days, members of Congress have peppered Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with questions about how the platform manages users' privacy, what went wrong with Cambridge Analytica and what it's doing to strengthen protections going forward....

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Spotify and Hulu launch a discounted entertainment bundle for $12.99 per month

Last fall, Hulu and Spotify teamed up to offer students a bundle including both of their services for a discounted price , compared with paying for each subscription separately. Today, the companies are announcing a similar discounted bundle will be available to all users. Spotify’s 71 million-plus existing Premium users will get the first shot at upgrading to the bundled subscription. Instead of paying $9.99 per month for a paid subscription to Spotify’s on-demand music service, they can choose to pay $12.99 per month for a combination of Spotify Premium and Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan. Later this summer, the bundled subscription will become available to all of Spotify’s 157 million users as well as any other potential newcomers to the two services. Starting today, Spotify Premium users will be given the option to trial the bundled subscription through a promotion that offers Hulu for 99 cents for a three-month period. On its own, Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan is $7.99, so this is a significant savings. Even when the price increases to the full $12.99 per month, it’s far less than paying for both on their own. The bundled subscriptions are not any different from the existing paid subscriptions offered today. That means Spotify Premium users will have access to on-demand music and personalized playlists and mixes, while also gaining access to Hulu’s on-demand video library of over 75,000 TV shows and movies, like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Looming Towers,” and Marvel’s “Runaways.” By combining forces with Hulu, Spotify is able to offer its subscribers access to video – something it tried to tack on before through its own original video efforts, which largely flopped and were later scaled back. But video will soon be critical for Spotify, given Apple’s forthcoming plans for a TV subscription service that’s filled with high-quality original video . That service, rumors suggest, will be sold as part of an Apple Music subscription  or even ship with iOS

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