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Tile and Comcast team up to help you find lost items with your TV’s voice remote

Lost device finder Tile today is making good on its previously announced partnership with Comcast by introducing a way for Comcast Xfinity customers to locate their Tiles using Comcast’s TV remote, the Xfinity X1 Voice Remote. This is also the first video and voice partnership with Tile, which has been steadily expanding its integrations with third parties, including most recently Bose, Samsonite, Boosted Boards, and others. The company has said its goal is to “blanket the world” in smart location through its partnerships, which have also included those with access points and airport Wi-Fi. With the Comcast partnership in particular, Tile users can speak into their voice remote and ask for the location of one of their Tiles – the small dongles that can be attached to things like bags, purses, keys, wallets and more. To use this feature, you have to say “Xfinity Home,” (yes, this is how you talk to your remote), “where are my keys?” or “Sam’s backpack?” or whatever other label you’ve assigned your Tile device. The last known location and the address of the missing Tile will then appear on the TV screen. To use the feature, Xfinity customers will have to download the Xfinity Home app on their iOS or Android device to add their Tiles following the instructions in the app. The companies say that later this year the feature will become available to all Xfinity Internet customers, too. Though there are a number of lost item finders on the market, Tile has become one of the biggest in the space, having sold 13 million Tiles to date, as of this January. It hasn’t provided an update on revenue in recent months, but said it had earned $100 million in 2016.

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Music in the Round #90: Merging+Player PL8 – Stereophile Magazine

Stereophile Magazine Music in the Round #90: Merging+Player PL8 Stereophile Magazine I am not such a one, because I appreciate having a dedicated, PC -based player/renderer—in my case, a Baetis Prodigy-X. I like being able to choose among an array of softwares, and update them and the supporting hardware as needed. I also much prefer ...

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The best Bluetooth tracker

By Nick Guy This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. Read the full article here. Bluetooth trackers are small gadgets you attach to important items you're worried about losing (such as keys or a...

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Teen Tries To Steal Pompeii Artifact To Buy An iPhone – Ubergizmo

Teen Tries To Steal Pompeii Artifact To Buy An iPhone Ubergizmo pompeii What would you be willing to do for an iPhone? In the past we've seen how desperate some people can get, going as far as selling their kidneys just to get enough money to buy an Apple product. In more recent news, it seems that a 16-year teen ... and more »

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