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Facebook’s Kodi box ban is nothing new

According to recent  reports , Facebook has updated its Commerce Policy to specifically ban the sale of Kodi boxes on its site – that is, devices that come with pre-installed Kodi software, which are often used for illegally streaming digital content. However, the ban is not a new one – Facebook confirms its policy on Kodi box sales hasn’t changed since last summer, and its external Policy Page – the one being cited as evidence of the new ban – was updated in December. It’s true that the changes have flown under the radar until now, though. The policy change was first reported by Cord Cutters News , and later linked to by TorrentFreak and Techdirt . The original report claims that Facebook added a new rule on its list of “Digital Media and Electronic Devices” under “Prohibited Content,” which specifically calls out Kodi boxes. It says that Facebook posts “may not promote the sale of devices that facilitate or encourage streaming digital content in an authorized manner or interfering with the functionality of electronic devices.” The Policy page lists a few examples of what this means, including wiretapping devices, jamming or descrambling devices, jailbroken or loaded devices, and, then  “promoting the sale or use of streaming devices with Kodi installed.”  (The only permitted items are “add-on equipment for Kodi devices, such as keyboards and remotes.”) But this ban on Kodi boxes, Facebook says, is not a recently implemented policy. According to a Facebook spokesperson, it launched a new policy last summer that prohibited the sale of electronic devices that facilitate or are intended for unauthorized streaming or access to digital content – including Kodi boxes. This policy has not changed since last summer, but its external Policy Page – this one being cited by the various reported – was updated in December 2017 to offer additional illustrative examples and more detailed information on all its policies, including the one related to unauthorized streaming devices. In other words, Facebook has been banning Kodi boxes since it decided to crackdown on unauthorized streaming devices last year. It’s just now being noticed. The ban affects all posts on Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups, and Shop Sections on Pages. Facebook explains it takes a very strong enforcement approach when “Kodi” is mentioned with a product for sale. As Techdirt pointed out , that’s problematic because the Kodi software itself is actually legal. However, device makers like Dragon Box or SetTV have been using the open-source Kodi platform and other add-ons to make copyright infringement easier for consumers

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Spotify App For Xbox One Revealed – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Spotify App For Xbox One Revealed Ubergizmo Spotify subscribers will soon be able to listen to their favorite tunes through their Xbox console. The music streaming service is developing a new app for the Xbox One. Microsoft has confirmed that Spotify is working on the app and has provided a ... and more »

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Unlimited OneDrive Storage Limit Now Being Cut – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo Unlimited OneDrive Storage Limit Now Being Cut Ubergizmo Microsoft first announced its plans to cut free unlimited OneDrive storage back in late 2015. The announcement wasn't welcomed by those who had come to rely on OneDrive for unlimited data storage. The company said that it was cutting the free storage ... PSA: OneDrive storage limits get cut down today - here's what you need to know Neowin all 6 news articles »

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12 Million CIA Files Are Now Online – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo 12 Million CIA Files Are Now Online Ubergizmo If you've ever wanted to go through a lot of CIA records, well, now you can. There hasn't been a massive leak, mind you, the Central Intelligence Agency has put almost 12 million pages of its declassified records online. Anyone with an internet ... CREST: 25-Year Program Archive | CIA FOIA (foia.cia.gov) CIA Coming Soon: 775,000 CIA Papers From CREST - Glomar Disclosure Glomar Disclosure How we sued the CIA and (mostly) won MuckRock CIA all 52 news articles »

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